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Re: dancing loops

  I'll reply below, K?  


At 03:09 PM 9/21/02 -0300, you wrote:
>Goddess said:
>>Matthias, excellent post!
>thank you!
>>  -I like contact improv, but on the dancers' side of it.
>hmm... I suspected...
>>I've not played for one, but have thought for some time of
>>incorporating it into my own live performance, in the form of 
>>dance and such, but being teathered to guitar, mic, controllers and such 
>>not real conducive to it.   ICK!!!  lol!
>I dont understand ICK...

  I just meant some expression like Yuck, or  something similar.   I
sometimes say "Ick!..."  
>Right, you can put the guitar down and dance to your loop! Especially 
>interesting if you dont play alone, so another musician can play with 
>your dancing...

  I tend to play solo when looping live, save recently.  -and since that's
the case, I'm always adding music to a loop almost constantly>
>It seems to me that contact improv is rather a set of roules and 
>exercises to make people aware than a style to be shown on stage.

  I'm thinking more of the idea of improv itself in the form of a more
physical expression in movement along with the music.  -Basing it on what I
might do in contact...  
>Someone who went through such school can just improvise free, no?  

  Yes, I do anyway to an extent, but not nearly as much as I'd like to, for
my previous reasons.  

>>   In your case, have you thought possibly of giving the dancers 
>>thingies and sampling them as they move?   It might be nice to loop what
>>comes out of that.  I like moving in rhythm with noisy bracelets or bells
>>or such.   It's a lot of fun, and can be quite musical.
>good idea!
>they do participate with stepping, clapping, even singing sometimes, 
>but I did not think of looping that. But: how would you do it without 
>creating feed back?  

  Simple, eliminate the dry signal, and then simply keep the delayed or
looped signal.   -or, use two shotgun mics or very directional mics, and
place the speakers right behind them.  I'd prefer eliminating the direct
signal though.  

  Have a wonderful weekend!  



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