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Re: EDP and Repeater sync question

At 10:11 AM 9/19/2002, Louie Angulo wrote:
>I have a drum loop recorded on the repeater and want
>to sync it with the EDP,the EDP being the master.When
>i record a guitar loop on the EDP the sample doesn´t
>exactly sync like my drum computer does,it is too slow
>or too fast.I have to manually mess around with the
>EDP´s 8th/beat untill i find the right value for them
>to sync well.My question is how do you determine the
>correct value? (ex.when the EDP reads 3.0 seconds the
>repeater reads 161.3 BPM)

Hi Louie-
8ths/cycle (or 8ths/beat as it used to be called on older units) is the 
number of 8th notes in a cycle on the Echoplex. This number is used to 
determine how the tempo of the midi clock relates to the length of your 

So for example, if you set 8ths/cycle to 8, and record a 3.0 second loop, 
that means eight 8th notes occur during 3 seconds. This would be equal to 
80 BPM, and that is the tempo of the midi clock that the Echoplex will 
send. Similarly, if you set 8ths/cycle to 16, your 3 second loop would 
correspond to 160 BPM.

If the drum loop you have in your repeater is a 2 bar loop in 4/4 time, 
that is 16 eighth notes. If you set the 8th/cycle parameter to 16 and 
record a two bar loop on the Echoplex, the drum loop should play in time 
with your echoplex loop.


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