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Re: schematic,new looper

This brings up a question I've been thinking about, sparked by someone at
Gibson telling me that getting 30 pin simms is hard.  I know that chip 
changes all the time, and OSs and apps are rewritten to use them and new
processors as well.  Why is Gibson/Aurisis struggeling with using old
hardware?  (Gibson expressed problems with availability and quality) Is the
port to new hardware that big an undertaking?


juan darkness wrote:

> btw Mathias,i'm starting to work with cop8 family from national,my goal 
> to design a looper just with this processor(cop8cdr9) and some supporting
> chips,i've seen a recorder project for voice messages with it,i got some
> free samples from them,and you don't need a developement system,just 4 
> connected to the printer port and the software they provide for free,once
> the hard part(the firmware)is ready,it's just a matter of flashing the
> memory ,so anyone could build it....and if someone in the list is 
>skilled in
> micro programming,we could do a shared design...