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Australian Loop cd review

I have some shame-less self promotion.
Review attatched.

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Title: "Out of the Earth" review.
Cameron J. Street : "Out of the Earth" (self-released).

Dark Ambient/Isolationist.

Yum. If you're after luscious warm and eerie drones of atmospheric
ambience, this is that. Cameron J Street's (CJS)  music is of a very
similar ilk to and just as good as Brian Eno at his ambient best (ie.
"Ambient on Land", "Thursday Afternoon").

Remarkably, the diverse sounds on this CD were apparently made on the
bass guitar (in conjunction with effects devices and objects like hair
rollers, marbles, squeeze toys, crash cymbals and cellophane paper.
You'd never guess it was a bass guitar though (unless you'd been tipped
off) as the sounds are quite unlike what you would expect. This leads to
probably my only piece of criticism of CJS, that his imagery is probably
going to hamper him. The front cover of the CD features a picture of a
bass guitar in the soil. Unfortunately, many of us remember the 1970s
and 80s and have been badly scarred by guitar iconography. I imagine
many people might, on glance at the cover of this CD, assume that itís a
festival of fancy bass licks (which it thankfully and certainly isnít)
and they'd miss out big-time. A neutral CD cover, and keeping the fact
this is made on a bass guitar for the inner sleeve, would bypass most
ambient and isolationist music lovers prejudices and greatly increase
the chances of this wonderful music being noticed. Contact:c.jas@optusnet.com.au


j citizen

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