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Re: EDP Noise level

   I still have that Buckingham amp but I broke my two tape decks doing 
loops back in the late 70's, that's when I decided to get a four track 
to reel.  I still use the Buckingham occasionally for some old sounds, 


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>Right.  I totally agree.  No device is perfect.   You should have seen
>the 14 year old version of me with two table top cassette decks and a Vox
>Buckingham amp making multi dub recordings by making a recording in deck
>A, then putting the tape in deck B which fed back into the guitar amp.
>While that was going, I'd be playing over it and recording that on deck
>A.  Repeat several times until is sounds like you're playing behind
>Niagra falls.  FUN!
>Bret wrote:
> > Mark,
> > I didn't say they are very noisey.  I said they all have hiss.  We do
> > not use amplifiers, we record direct into a roland VS2480, no
> > compressors.


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