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Hi guys,
Anyone who's using asio compatible audio stuff might be interested in this
plug-in. Its very nice!



We have just upped to our website a new VST effect made with 
SynthEdit, called Elottronix. It's an emulation of the famous Robert 
Fripp's effect commonly known as "Fripptronix", which consisted in 
two Revox b-77 that were connected one to each other making an 
infinite loop, so you could record a riff and then record again over 
that, and again so many times as you desired.

Our emulation covers a delay range from 2 to 8 seconds, and has two 
delay lines which control over decay and loop times, end of the loop, 
1 oscillator by line with 7 selectable waveforms and pitch, and 
autopan. It also features presets for using the Elottronix at 
different bar measures and bpm.

Download it from http://elogoxa.da.ru
In the same web site you also can find several synths maybe 
interesting for you...

Hope you find something useful for you...