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Re: October: GBLT Marriages+Loops/Street Music ( Philly)

>      It's a very sad thing that in America, Land of the Free, a same sex
> couple can't just go out and get married, or generally be recognized as
> a couple (well, in the eyes of the state and church anyway). Something
> we definitely need to change. In the mean time, I wish you the best in
> drawing attention to this strange unreality (Yes, oddly we also live in
> land of Reality TV). Best wishes for your commitment ceremonies!

It's the same here in the UK - the London Mayor has started pushing for
equal rights for gay couples as straight couples... we'll see what happens.

The vicar at my church has done a lot of blessings of gay couples, so there
are a few enlightened ones around - we've got a lot of gay people (single
and attached) at our church...

Loop content - my gig at the London Guitar Festival last night went
swimmingly well, and a few guys afterwards were drooling over the EDP 
'where can I get one??????' :o)  Despite my dead DL4, the gig went really
well, though it was odd not having it there for the double speed stuff...