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Re: Vibrato pedal for a cello..

Now, by a Vibrato pedal, do you mean a Tremolo pedal? That is, a
modulation in volume, or do you want a modulation of pitch? Just
wondering because those two names are used interchangeably by
guitarists for volume modulation, which doesn't really sound like
finger vibrato.


On Tue, 17 Sep 2002 09:27:39 -0500, "Gary Phillips"
<gary@friendlyspider.com> said:
> Hey gang....
> I need a vibrato pedal, possibly with
> external control, for a unique purpose.
> I'm a guitarist, but I recently purchased
> an electric cello.  It is going to be a while
> before I learn decent vibrato technique
> and I've had this idea that could get me
> utilizing the cello in recording a lot sooner.

ernesto schnack

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