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Re: Vibrato pedal for a cello..

If the idea is to do something unorthodox with a cello -- I cheer "Yeah!  A
wonderful thing!"

Try some of these on:

Perhaps something that would combine perfectly with your cello concept --
Z. Vex Tremolo Probe - controllable "a la theremin" so your body proximity
controls the effect.  Look! No wires!
A nice visual thing too.

Very flexible, but no midi/

"The Wiggler" - and guitar-y
Near the bottom of this page --

And one more...

I hope you get wacky with it.


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From: "Alex Stahl" <alex@pixar.com>
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Subject: Re: Vibrato pedal for a cello..

> With all due respect, I'd suggest practicing wiggling your wrist.
> I don't say this from any sort of acoustic chastity, at all. In fact,
> some of my best friends are bowed strings played through pitch
> shifters. I built an electric 'cello in 1979 and still play the
> electric contrabass I made in 1977, through every Harmonizer(tm)-like
> device I can lay my clumsy hands on. I've programmed triggerable,
> randomized envelopes for depth and rate, and used weird MIDI pedals
> that output their rate of change as well as their x-y position to
> control the best Eventide algorithms.
> I love the variety of textures and timbres that can be discovered
> down this instrumentation avenue, but I have never achieved a
> "realistic" vibrato effect. Maybe I'm a little picky, having spent a
> few years as sound guy for the Kronos Quartet, but for what it's
> worth, my advice is use the effects for what they are, not for what
> they might be like.
> -Alex S.
> At 9:27 AM -0500 9/17/02, Gary Phillips wrote:
> >Hey gang....
> >I need a vibrato pedal, possibly with
> >external control, for a unique purpose.
> >I'm a guitarist, but I recently purchased
> >an electric cello.  It is going to be a while
> >before I learn decent vibrato technique
> >and I've had this idea that could get me
> >utilizing the cello in recording a lot sooner.
> >
> >I want to run the cello's output to a vibrato
> >pedal that I can control with a small lever
> >attached to the bow.  I don't know whether
> >I can get away with controlling only speed
> >or whether I'd need to control depth as well.
> >But I was wondering if there might be a pedal
> >out there that could do the job.  I could even
> >hack into the rate knob of the pedal and use
> >a small potentiometer rigged to a lever on
> >the bow....  or just use the pot/lever as the
> >pedal for a MIDI controller.  Any ideas
> >would be appreciated.  I am looking for a
> >pedal that will give me the most realistic
> >vibrato effect.
> >--
> >gary
> >@friendlyspider.com
> >
> >PS:  Ever heard of Hans Reichel ?
> >Luthier, musician, animator....
> >This guy is way cool:
> >http://www.daxo.de/
> >http://www.yuxo.de/