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Re: Feedback Pedal

as the fdb ped is a control voltage type  may it be possible to use some 
midi to
CV converter ????

just guessing


> At 05:06 PM 9/16/2002, dp wrote:
> andre wrote:
> ><<My guess (and only a guess, I hasten to add) would be: there's no
> >parameter available for assigning Input volume (crucial to Input and 
> >modes, among others) to a MIDI CC number, as there is for Feedback and
> >Output volume...>>
> that is correct. the input volume to the loop happens to be only an 
> control, although the control routing can be configured from the digital
> side. That's how the hardware was designed long ago when we only used 
> for delay mode and figured the analog control gave better volume swells
> then the zippery digital control.
> In LoopIV we came up with these nifty ideas for how the front panel
> feedback knob and the rear feedback pedal control could be routed in
> different ways. These resulted in the cool InterfaceModes. In some cases
> you could duplicate them with clever midi programming. But unfortunately 
> cases where input volume to the loop is controlled, you cannot.
> Midi control is independent of interface mode. A midi cc for feedback 
> always control feedback the same way.
> >ya, but check out replaceMode.  the external pedal controls both output
> >volume and feedback.  i tried to do this via midi by setting the 
> >and FeedBkCont to the same cc value, but i couldn't get it to work.  
> >i'm doing something wrong.  maybe i'm asking for too much.
> Set them to two different cc numbers, and then have your expression pedal
> send both cc's. That will let you do the same thing ReplaceMode does.
> It doesn't work to set FeedBkCont and VolumeCont parameters on the 
> to the same value. The incoming cc will only be applied to one, and for 
> Echoplex feedback will override loop volume.
> kim
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