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Re: EDP input sensitivity (was Next loop copy question)

  But Bret, we made such an insanely mind-numbingly earth-shattering noise
yesterday that ya couldn't tell that it was distorted sometimes!



At 02:49 PM 9/16/02 -0700, you wrote:
>High frequencies clip easier on the EDP.  Turn the input gain down
>until the distortion goes away.  Changing the resistors on the input
>will only change the position of the knop required to get the proper
>signal to the edp.  If you turn your input knob down, it can reduce the
>input signal to an appropriate level.  Resistor change is not
>necessary, but it may make you feel better about the knob position. 
>You can also reposition the know on the potentiometer shaft to point
>however you want, if that matters to you.  This input control is just a
>voltage divider, absolute position should not matter as long as you
>have the range you need for your inputs.
>--- Louie Angulo <laab2000us@yahoo.com> wrote:
>> sorry i meant increasing the tolerance of the input or
>>  decreasing the sensitivity
>> I am curious how  far do you have the input normally
>> set? i have it at about 11 o´clock and it still clips.
>> I am running a roland preamp into it but i also own a
>> boomerang which hardly ever clips.It is specially
>> sensitive with bright tones.
>> cheers
>> lou
>>  that doesn't make sense. if you are clipping the
>> > input of the EDP, you want 
>> > less gain on the EDP input, not more. Turn down the
>> > EDP input knob to where 
>> > it doesn't clip. Or use normal line level outs from
>> > the guitar stuff. If 
>> > you are running the loop output back into the same
>> > guitar amp you are 
>> > otherwise playing through, expect it to sound like
>> > mush anyway. You are 
>> > much better off running the loops through a clean PA
>> > type system.
>> > kim
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