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Re: Feedback Pedal

At 10:22 AM -0700 9/16/02, Kim Flint wrote:

>no, that is not correct. Ha! caught Richard not checking his facts. :-)


>no, that is not how the EDP feedback jack works. It just uses the 
>resistance between the sleeve and the tip on the output of a volume 
>pedal. It only requires an ordinary mono cable.

I've just been through an enormous hassle on this topic. It started 
when an Eventide DSP4000 owner I know bought a volume pedal and a 
Digitech FS300 in order to control her Harmonizer. She bought them 
mail order after consulting with that vendors "sales tech." Neither 
controller worked. Since I'm an Eventide user I loaned her a couple 
of my controllers (an Ensoniq CV pedal and a Lexicon dual foot 
switch) and I started researching what was available.

I found that there is almost no product information that specifies 
whether a pedal or a device to be controlled uses a TRS or a TS 
connection. What I ended up doing, at least for on-line research) was 
to find hi-rez pictures of the pedals in order to look at the 1/4" 
plug. In many cases I could then determine whether the pedal was 
wired with two or three conductors.

I've now learned that it's always wrong to assume anything. I don't 
have an EDP so I couldn't check it out directly. I assumed it was 
designed similarly to the equipment I do have. Wrong!

I think it  would be generally useful to compile a list of which 
common pedals and which common devices are TS and which are TRS.

Here's my (hastily compiled) list. For those pieces of gear I have on 
hand I checked the voltage between ring and sleeve by plugging a TRS 
cable into the pedal jack on a number of devices. Otherwise I went by 
(minimally available) company-provided specs, hearsay, and pictures 
of the 1/4" jacks.

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Richard Zvonar, PhD
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