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gigSpam - philly

Hey All: On Friday, September 20, the experimental/ambient/ethereal music &
performance series

Gate to Moonbase Alpha(GTMBA), returns from its summer sleep. Please attend!

Friday, September 20. 8pm-12am. FREE. All Ages.The Rotunda: 4012 Walnut
Street, Philadelphia

*The performers are: *Arco Flute Foundation, The Complex, Anti:Clockwise, and
Krimpets[puppet show].

ARCO FLUTE FOUNDATION is a collective of ambient/noise/spacerock weirdos.
Electronics, tuned percussion + atmospheric stringed instruments combine over
an edgy rock foundation that builds slowly evolving melodies, soars to the
nose bleed section, & then plummets quickly through the floor.

THE COMPLEX: Swirly, psychedelic, ethereal, art noise. drum + guitars,
sampling modules, processors, numerous effects & expression
pedals...Influences incl. Aphex Twin, My Bloody Valentine, Air, & the Flaming
Lips. http://www.mp3.com/thecomplexinc.

ANTI:CLOCKWISE: Guitar, bass, a turntable, a cassette machine, a CD player, +
9-volt stompboxes make sound collages in a style the artist calls "uglient,"
which is the melding of the carefully chosen & wantonly blurted out, thrown
together by misshapen fate or lackluster luck. Lead by Robert of Tono
Bungay. http://www.tensionheadache.org

KRIMPETS: Lost in Space Movies. Join the Krimpet Puppets as they are joined
by Ken Gregory (Guitar) + Lear Blitstein(Sax). This starts with video
projections (of mostly bad space movies) & improv music + dialogue. (Imagine
Mystery Science Theater 3000 w/live musicians). http://www.gypsyboots.org