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Re: Mixers For Guitar Signal - Opinions/Suggestions Please

I had a similar "want" in that I wanted the sound from my guitar amp to be
available to the effects boxes (ie : the sound from the power amp, clean or
unclean. I bought a small kit from Torres Engineering which connects up to
the amp speaker and produces a line output. What you end up with is the
sound you hear while from the amp going into your effects or echoplex or
whatever, which is really quite nice. I have a small tube amp which 
a wide range of distorted sounds, now I don't need to simulate any of it, 
goes from the amp to the mixer+plex+effects -> near-field monitors. Works
for me, and it's only $15 !


Good luck !


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Subject: Mixers For Guitar Signal - Opinions/Suggestions Please

> Hi,
> I've been experimenting with running a guitar signal from the amp's pre
> out into a mixer and using the sends for the effects.
> My problem is that the guitar signal (thru the mixer) sounds very
> from the signal that would be produced by the amp.  I know that I'm just
> getting just the pre amp signal rather than both the pre and power amp
> signal.  I'm using the guitar signal to feed the sends on the mixer.
> But, the rack mount mixers I've tried so far, an early Mackie CR 1604 
> the VLZ or Pro), and an Allen & Heath WZ 16:2  seem to color the sound in
> non musical way, IMO - at least in a non guitar friendly way.  My guess 
> that it is the mixer channel pre amps.  Even the reverbs and delays sound
> different than if I just threw them into the amp's effects loop - very
> different - sort of harder, not as lush or as full.
> Additionally, once I set unity gain in the mixer, the volume is Way 
> than it would be if just running straight from the amp(s).
> Any ideas on mixers than are fairly true to the guitar tone, or are 
> musical sounding?
> And yes, I use an Oberheim EDP and a Repeater!  Love them both for
> different reasons.
> Thanks!
> M...