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Re: Mixers For Guitar Signal - Opinions/Suggestions Please

Hi Michael,
I've been using an older Allen & Heath model...GL 12 ? I was very happy
about its sound result so that now, using a switchblade i miss it a little.
I was entering into the channels bypassing its preamps' section (using the
inserts), this allows you to avoid too many gain stages that would result 
a very difficult success in finding where, in the signal flow, you have
overloads (i was using auxes and groups sends a lot to feed the processors,
so there were 2 more gain stages there).
Consider headroom and, also, consider ergonomy.
To be able to switch sends on/off, to route a signal to another processor
and so on in an easy and fast way, is a very important thing when you start
using mixing as an instrument by itself.
Sound is a matter of taste, so the best to do is test each mixer with your
gear and monitors.
I didn't understand if you are comparing the sound with/without mixer in
between you amp's send/return or if you're using the mixer after the amp's
send and then you go to some monitors.
I agree with Kim when he says that deep-looping drives a lot of us gtr
player from classic amps to full range monitors - and when you do this 
you find that gtr sound through a full range monitoring is a different
world, you have to start thinking to sounds in a complete new way.

hope this helps a little bit.
don''t give up trying with mixers.


> But, the rack mount mixers I've tried so far, an early Mackie CR 1604 
> the VLZ or Pro), and an Allen & Heath WZ 16:2  seem to color the sound in
> non musical way, IMO - at least in a non guitar friendly way.  My guess 
> that it is the mixer channel pre amps.  Even the reverbs and delays sound
> different than if I just threw them into the amp's effects loop - very
> different - sort of harder, not as lush or as full.