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Re: Andre EDP Loops

Yo Louie,

Louie Angulo wrote:

> I am curious to know what amp you are using and if you
> could recomend a DAt im going to start shopping
> around for this things.

Be careful, man - you're one step away from asking what kind of strings
I use.  ;)

The amp is a Mesa/Boogie DC3, which I got back in '95.  I haven't been
following the world of DI amp recording since then, but I'm sure there
are all kinds of wonderful developments since then.

The DAT machine was a hand-me down from a few years back, and was
already a bit obsolete by that time anyway.  I've no idea what the
current market is like for those... I know a lot of folks also swear by
MiniDisc for live recording (though with MD there's always a bit of
lossy data compression).

> I am tired of unplugging the
> output of my guitar input  into the comp. and getting
> huming noises.

There'a actually a TON of hum and noise on the DAT tapes of the stuff on
my web site - I had to clean them up quite a bit to make them sound
presentable.  I could certainly take more care with my live amp
recordings than I have been.

Hum in general can be combatted by taking care that different components
are plugged into the same basic source - having the computer in one
outlet and the amp in another can be a surefire prescription for hum,
for instance... so you could likely record direct into the computer
without that nasty hum.  Do some experimenting with different wiring
(both in terms of power cables and audio cables), and also be careful of
things like monitors for introducing extraneous noise into the signal.

Thanks again for listening!

--Andre LaFosse