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Looping with keyboards (was: Re: "Save Loop" feature)

Heh, I too used to haul around an Ensonic TS-10.  Aluminum chassie makes a
*heavy* keyboard.  For what?  I mainly used it to sequence beats and do 
synth drones.  My Roland MC-307 was a great replacement, and it's about 
the size
of a physics textbook. (our stick player Katrin has a book called Gravity 
we joke about.  I swear it's got it's own measurable gravity well!)

Anyway, I never felt that anyone was dissiponted when I rarely touched the
TS-10's keys, however I felt it was a waste.  It's got a good home now, so 
is well.  Part of it's replacement was with a Roland GR-30/XV-5050 setup.  
kept telling myself that I'd start playing the keyboard, but in reality, I 
did.  Why be mediorcre on yet another instrument, I ask.  The guitar synth 
is a
great patch for me.  I don't have to learn another instrument and I get 
all the
cool sounds one could imagine.  Once, while lamenting on my inability to
purchase a GR-30, I had an idiot guitar sales man say to me, "Well, you've 
to ask yourself if you're a guitar player or a keyboard player."  Why?
Limitations can sometimes be useful, but if you've got the desire, the 
time and
the hardware, why not?

Mark Sottilaro

ArsOcarina@aol.com wrote:

> BTW -- those little, dinky phrase samplers that are out today are a vast
> improvement on the days when I had to haul a couple of old Roland
> keyboard samplers around to gigs -- in addition to my guitar, rack, 
> and cabs. I may be an almost semi-okay guitar picker but I am a miserable
> keyboardist. Put something as big as a keyboard (or 2) on stage with you
> and folks actually expect you to PLAY it. When it appears that you don't
> really (and only diddle with a few keys every once in a while) they are
> often pretty darned disappointed. Oh well.
> Looping along . . .
> Ted Killian
> www.mp3.com/tedkillian
> http://www.pfmentum.com/flux.html