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Re: "Save Loop" feature (was Andre EDP Loops)

In a message dated 9/14/02 4:45:20 AM, steve@steve-lawson.co.uk writes:

[Steve quoting Kim]

>> The "storing" part and the "transferable" part always seem like nice-
>> to-have features. It would be a nice little check box to have there on
>> the EDP brochure - You can save your loops and easily transfer them 
>> to PC!

[Steve's comment]

>I have to say that at the moment I'd have no need of those features in
>an EDP. I guess that for me was the biggest different between the EDP 
>and the Repeater - EDP is ostensibly a looper/mangler, Repeater seemed 
>to be a versatile real time sampler...valid distinction? probably not... 

I sort of agree with some of the above. But one of the things that is VERY 
"nice" about saving loops to reuse later is capturing the "How the hell 
did I do that? Gee, I wish I could save it." sort of event. The reuse
may or may not involve performance directly. It may be educational --
to disect the loop and determine what the heck is really going on in 
it -- finding out how and why it works. 

But, there are plenty of "work arounds" for this -- the most obvious being 
simply recording everything you do (not always possible). Beyond the use 
of my guitar and EDPs, my own practice of looping these days (actually 
for a long time now) does involve recording a whole lot of stuff on my Mac
quite a bit of the time -- and using the computer to save, edit/mangle it 
death and a sampler to loop it later in performance (along with the EDP 

When the Repeater came out I was really tempted . . . stereo, time-stretch,
file saving and more. But I opted to get a better, more compact phrase 
sampler (than my old Akai S-20) instead. An SP-303 saves to smart media 
and is a simple, bare-bones unit for adding that "save and play later" 
to my EDP setup. Plus, it does a little slicing and dicing of it's own and 
about the size of an average textbook.

I agree with Steve that the Repeater has a lot of "sampler" 
rolled into it's looper feature set. I guess that was what I eventually 
out and made my decision NOT to purchase one. Though I did actually talk 
Dr. Bob (my drummer at Loopstock in SLO) into getting one as his first 
hardware looper. He seems to be enjoying it too.

BTW -- those little, dinky phrase samplers that are out today are a vast
improvement on the days when I had to haul a couple of old Roland 
keyboard samplers around to gigs -- in addition to my guitar, rack, pedals
and cabs. I may be an almost semi-okay guitar picker but I am a miserable 
keyboardist. Put something as big as a keyboard (or 2) on stage with you 
and folks actually expect you to PLAY it. When it appears that you don't
really (and only diddle with a few keys every once in a while) they are 
often pretty darned disappointed. Oh well.

Looping along . . . 

Ted Killian