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Re: EDP Noise level

At 13:27 13/09/2002, you wrote:
>Hans (ernie ball Hans?)

Yeah, that's me.

>Yes it will shift in pitch. Perhaps the solution  is a balancing act of
>levels, but  I have had no such luck finding this balance...Another 
>thought - assuming you change your sound or even instrument often has 
>been able to keep the levels of their EDP and AUX level controls the same 
>more than 1 week. I am always tinkering to combat distortion, or hiss, or
>wet/dry mix level....man, I just want to play!

I'm pretty sure I've got my levels set right, but it still does it.  You 
can hear the noise pretty clearly in the left channel when the EDP kicks 
on "Total Immersion" at http://artists.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/armatronix/ and 
also at the very end when I'm hitting replace.

It does basically disappear into the background after the loop gets built 
up enough, however.  I just don't trust my other EDP enough to send it in 
(it's had problems of its own), but I have spoken to Shane about it and 
he's willing to take a look.

I don't find that the levels of the EDP change so much as the knobs just 
tend to migrate during transit.  Somewhere on my list of projects is to 
to find replacement trim pots for the input level that I can set and 
forget.  It sucks when there's no time for a sound check and you just have 
to pray that everything's right.

>Todd (Davitt & Hanser Todd)

Ah yes... How are those OLP instruments selling?  I don't get to hear much 
marketing-talk back in the engineering office.


>One of my EDPs (a new one) has what sounds like the exact
>same problem.  Do you notice that it changes pitch each time you record a
>new loop?
>Why when I press record on my plex the recorded loop
> >contains a high level of hiss..even if it's not connected to any input
> >source...I run my looper through a AUX on my Mackie.. I've tried every
> >combination of input/output levels - and still get this hiss ---anyone 
> >As I layer more loops to the first the Hiss goes away  (or is covered 
> >todd
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