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Re: Glitch in Repeater's Loop

I don't think that anyone would deny the loop bump thing, it's just hard
to hear in most situations.  For someone like you, it's more important.
The only time I notice it is when I'm looking for it, so I wouldn't say
that I'm suffering from it.  I didn't even find it when I was beta testing
OS 1.1, until another beta tester found it and I duplicated the problem.

Mark Sottilaro

Stuart Wyatt wrote:

> Thank you Mark! :) Someone else who suffers from the same problem as
> myself. A pure wave created by a droned harmonic on the violin is
> impossible to record on the Repeater - yet I can get away with very
> fastly bowed stacatto drones (damn, I forgot the Italian word for
> that)... without a bump.
> BTW: Two and a half weeks to wait for a Behringer 1010 that was posted
> from Germany... and its still not here. I cant wait to finally be able
> to control the Repeater properly :(
> On Thursday, September 12, 2002, at 09:35 AM, Marklar wrote:
> > No, that's not true.  Try recording a blank loop.  Then open the loop
> > back up and slowly fade in a
> > drone.  You'll notice a slight bump.  Tis true.  I've been down this
> > road before.  I rarely notice
> > it because of how I play, but many complain about this bug.
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