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Andre EDP Loops

Hi Andre,
How do you save or document your loops from the EDP?
I heard a couple on your homepage and the live ones
also sound perfect!

> Actually a lot of that show was using Replace in an
> UNquantized manner,
> but executing it rhythmically - "riding bareback,"
> so to speak.  But
> there was certainly some 8th-quantization towards
> the end of the set.
> > That's a new thing in Loop4, intended to allow a
> connection
> > between the far out glitchy stuff  and the more
> straightforward type
> > of looping.
> Just out of curiosity, here: am I to understand from
> your comment that
> one of the specific ideas behind 8th-quantization
> was to harness the
> glitch stuff into a more overly rhythmic fashion? 
> And am I correct in
> assuming that you were the main guy who brought
> 8th-quant to the table?
> > the footpedal just makes it all much easier
> Amen!
> --Andre


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