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Re: Next loop copy question

Hi Andy,
Yes i did try round mode but it doesnŽt stop
automatically instead it keeps multiplying.
IŽll give it another shot
thanx a lot

> > continue to play during loop copy 2 
> >  end with loop copy before the cycle is over
> >  the length of 2nd loop has been copied exactly
> but
> >  everything i played after the second loop copy is
> not
> >  there.It is of course complicated to stop loop
> copy
> >  exactly when the cycle is over and play at the
> same
> >  time, thats why i am ending with loop copy before
> the
> >  cycle is over
> >  Sorry if its not clear))
> >  louie
> hi there Louie
> easy
> change the RoundMode parameter to rnd
> and all should work as you like it to.
> andy butler


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