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--GIG SPAM: Stockton, California--

Hey loopers:

This upcoming Friday (13 September) i'm having the
world premiere of my octophonic piece, Past Andromeda.

This work utilized looping using the Oberheim Echoplex DP,
Lexicon Jamman, and Lexicon Vortex.

Past Andromeda is being presented at the First Annual Music
Beyond Performance Concert at the University of the
Pacific's Conservatory of Music in Stockton, California.

Any of you Northern California loopers have a free evening
this Friday, i'd love to get your feedback.  Here's the info:

Music Beyond Performance: Octophonic Immersion

Friday, September 13, 7:30pm.
At University of the Pacific Conservatory Recital Hall,
3601 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, California.

The program features music by:

-Frank Niehusmann (Germany)
-Gareth Loy (San Rafael, CA)
-Todor Todoroff (Belgium)
-John Young (New Zealand)
-Elsa Justel (Argentina)
-Peter Koniuto (Boston, MA)

Tickets: $6 general admission / $4 students and seniors /
Free to UOP students. Info: (209) 946-2186 (phone).