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Glitch in Repeater's loop

     As I was working with my Repeater last night, I came upon a 
workaround that many people here
on the LD list have complained about... the glitch at the end/beginning of 
a loop, especially
noticable with a sustained sound like a drone.

     This can be gotten rid of with the "trim" function.  One tap of the 
trim switch puts you in
"beats" mode, the second tap puts you in "seconds" mode.  It is this 
second mode that you want. 
The process looks like this:

     1) Record your loop, either stopping at the end or continuing in 
playback mode.

     2) Hit the "trim" button twice to enter "seconds" mode.

     3) Turn the "Loop" knob two clicks to the right, trimming .02 seconds 
off the beginning of
the loop (or whatever amount works best for you).

     4a) One more hit of the "trim" button gets your back into the regular 
screen.  This trim then
can be undone.


     4b) Hold the "trim" button for 1/2 second to enter "Trim Cut" mode.  
Hitting the button one
more time confirms the cut operation and the unnecessary tip is then 
forever circumsized.  At this
point, even the pills that make your loops grow 3-4 inches will be of no 
avail.  :)  In other
words, this is destructive editing, it cannot be undone.

     All this is detailed on page 26 of the Repeater manual.

     I tried this using a microphone and singing into it, the loop has a 
very obvious glitch in it
every time it loops around.  The trim function almost completely erases 
that glitch.  The only
glitch that I could detect was from the difference in my singing voice at 
the beginning vs. the
end of the loop.

     Even though this is a bit of a hassle, still I can complete this 
operation in less than one
second.  Unfortunately, there are currently no MIDI commands to control 
this aspect from a
pedalboard.  To those who would complain of having to do even this, 
perhaps this is a small price
to pay for other benefits that would otherwise not appear on the 



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