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Re: Drum mach/EDP query

I just tried it here with loop4 and the MMT8 wich is the sequencer brother 
the sr16 (almost same midi implementation)
in Loop4 you have to set sync to OUS wich "means" sync out user start
it sends clock but no start song so you can start it manually from the sr
or with a direct midi message like Quantized start song wich will send a 
song at end of the loop

very easy


> Greetings-
> I have been experimenting with using an Alesis SR-16 to control some EDP
> functions and have run into a few issues. I want to use the EDP as
> master clock but prevent the drum machine from starting until I want and
> have it synced. I tried different ways to make the SR16 work - even
> using a midi filter- with no success. If I filtered start/stop messages
> only the machine would not sync if I hit play manually. Lame.
> So now I am looking for a drum machine that is compact, easy to program
> for both pads and patterns, and can easily be set NOT to respond to midi
> start messages but will still sync itself to the EDP.
> Any suggestions appreciated.
> Cliff
> www.om-studios.com