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Re: EDP and a BIG burst of static/hiss

Wow, that's a great insight into the behind the scenes world of the EDP.  
you so much.  It's so nice to get the actual story and not some bit of
marketing propaganda. (Hello Electrix!...oh wait... you're dead, right...)
Anyway, I've worked in consumer electronics repair and I know how hard it 
is to
chase down intermittent problems.

Andre, have you given your memory a bath?  All that LA smog can't be good 
such things.  I'm going to go home and continue testing my unit to make 
the fix holds.

I kind of wondered how you guys were still getting that RAM.  I used to 
use a
stick of it as a keychain.  HA!  That worries me.  I don't know of such 
but how hard would it be to change to a different memory configuration?  
are you doing on that processor?  Hell, I'm still waiting for the EDP 
Super +
with stereo looping.  Maybe I should track down some of these SIMMs now, 
they still exist, just in case...

Thanks again,

Mark Sottilaro

Andy Ewen wrote:

> It would appear that some of the memory in the last 200 or so EDPs that
> Trace Elliot built has a problem with bad contacts.