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RE: EDP Restart Virus Hits LA

Hi Kim,

I understand that this could have been the case and I don't normally get
involved in pot stirring.  However, I still feel close to two months is
just too long to deal with a repair job for a brand new unit.  I
understand that Shane is the only guy at Gibson who does repairs on
EDP's; I understand this is a limited quantity item; and I understand
that Gibson probably didn't have any replacement units on hand that they
could have sent me.  But, if Gibson is in the business to keep satisfied
customers and provide high quality equipment and service, they really
should revisit their current policies because they are not adequate and
do not compare to any other manufacturer that I have had to deal with.
I don't want to create a flame war here, but I do hope that maybe some
of what I experienced and my suggestions make it back to the people who
can effect change so that someone after me will have a better experience
than I did.  

Steve Ginn

> It is possible that they just didn't have any new ones in 
> stock at Gibson. 
> This isn't exactly a high-volume sort of product.
> At 04:17 PM 9/9/2002, M. Steven Ginn wrote:
> >In my case it was a similar type of situation, but had to wait for 
> >several weeks just to get some part that was needed for the repair. 
> >Still, for a brand new unit, they should have just arranged 
> to send me 
> >a replacement and deal with the other unit themselves.
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