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Re: EDP and a BIG burst of static/hiss

The EDP software is held in an Eprom, which does not, and cannot ever
get written to in the EDP, it is read only.   In a pc boot sectors can
get corrupted on hard drives, for various reasons like media Thermal
asperities, grown defects, contamination, or anything affecting the
track misregistration budget, or being overwritten accidentally by
offtrack or other reasons , but Eproms do not fail in this manner.

If this boot issue was in software (as a bug, or software design
defect), we would all see it, and it would be repeatable and

I use Caig 100% liquid deoxIT (aka r5 power booster) to clean and
protect the contacts of the ram, rom and other socketed chips in the
edp.  This can be followed by using Caig preservIT if your equipment
where there is a high degree of humidity, sulfur, salts, acids, etc. in
the air. 

On a different but related note, I recently had an EDP with SEVERE
harmonic distortion, on both dry and delay signals.  Cleaning the input
pot resolved this completely.
--- sine@zerocrossing.net wrote:
> Oh... and by the way, how can you be sure it's hardware and not
> software?
> Seems like the machine is crashing, as would any computer running
> software.
> Getting stuck in a boot sequence seems like software, no?
> Mark Sottilaro
> Kim Flint wrote:
> > these are hardware issues, not software. almost always it turns out
> to be a
> > dirty memory socket or something like that.
> > kim
> >
> > At 03:42 AM 9/9/2002, Jimmy Fowler wrote:
> > >"Kim, Is ther any reason I shouldn't try to reinstall LoopIII?"
> > >
> > >question: are these problems only happening with LoopIV?  i never
> upgraded
> > >and have had NO software or hardware problems at all from either
> unit, one
> > >being 6 months old and the other just a few weeks.
> >
> >
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