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Re: Modeling Amps

For the "starving musician" may I suggest the Behringer V-Amp?  I don't 
you could beat it for the price. ($129)  After my friend bought one to use 
her stick, I picked one up just to use for mini gigs when I don't feel like
dragging my rack around.  So far it's been great.

Usually I use a Digitech 2120 with cabinate modeling off right into a mixer
then a pair of Mackie 450s.  Sounds great in my opinion, though it uses
actually 12ax7 tubes in it's preamp.


Butch wrote:

> Just curious....
> What kinds of modeling amps are folks from this site using (where
> applicable)?
> I've bought (and sold) several different incarnations since I've 
> at using the Fender Cyber-twin and a Roland VG-88 (ok-not really an 
>amp). I
> did own, at one time, a Roland VGA-7 that I really liked for it's 
>tuning, 12
> string and capo capabilities. I also tried a VOX Valvetronix which I 
> wanted to like but it, again, seemed to be oriented towards lots of
> distortion/headbanging sounds. Oh, I returned a Rocktron Replitone twin
> speaker amp. A very nice amp, I might say. Very loud! Good effects, too. 
> lous for my home studio, though.
> The Cyber Twin is an awesome amp, IMHO. It produces very nice-sounding
> models, particularly of Fender models (duh!).
> Anyhow, I was just curious of other folk's experiences from this website.
> Regards, Paul