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Re: OT: Modeling Amps

You are probably referring to the dual mic settings...
you can adjust the spread of the mics to avoid the
"early single reflection" sound you are probably referring
to.  When this is set too wide, the effect is a bit intense
on solo acoustic, though can work much better in a mix.
I find the sound very inspiring...  and it can make a dull
guitar sound so much better.  It makes my Martin DM,
which everyone who's hears it says it sounds wonderful,
(blows away Taylors and Guilds and others which cost
twice as much) sound even better....   Oh sure, a pair
of great mics in a great space with a good engineer to
help judge mic placement is better....  but for live use
feeding my JamMan or single-man recording, I love it,
and not just because my last name is Yamaha...
My acoustic setup:
Martin DM > AG Stomp > JamMan > Peavey Kosmos >
Hafler TA1600 > custom JBL and EV cabs > RCA subwoofer
(from Kosmos sub out)  Check out the reviews at Harmony
Central including my overly verbose pos-rant.....

Mark Hamburg wrote:

> I'm interested in Gary's comments in praise of the AG Stomp. I played 
> one recently at Guitar Center and I was annoyed at the sound of all of 
> distant miked models. It sounded like I was playing in a very hard, small
> room. (This was while wearing headphones to audition it.) I'd like to 
> what I should be expecting out of the AG Stomp.
> Mark