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Re: Modeling Amps

I currently use the POD 2, a Boss VF-1(main rack) and a Boss GX700(backup
and live rack). What I found for me to be the best is the POD in parallel
with the VF-1 (I use this setup mainly for recording). I love the dynamics
of the POD, and the sounds I usually use on it (I don't use no preset 
the ones I have programmed for it) sound really much like the originals. 
VF-1 isn't that bad alone, but it is way less dynamic than the POD. 
using them in parallel can give a very full tone. I have a Laney LC15R, 
had a Marshall JCM800 and currently have used a Fender The Twin and a 70's
Fender Silver Reverb, and I must say that for me the Pod comes pretty close
(even more if you use it on a valve power-amp). I'm looking forward to try
the Vox Valvetronix that is going to arrive to the musical instrument shop 
work now.
Have tried the DG-Stomp, and I like it, too, but I prefer the POD.

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Subject: Modeling Amps

> Just curious....
> What kinds of modeling amps are folks from this site using (where
> applicable)?
> I've bought (and sold) several different incarnations since I've 
> at using the Fender Cyber-twin and a Roland VG-88 (ok-not really an amp).
> did own, at one time, a Roland VGA-7 that I really liked for it's tuning,
> string and capo capabilities. I also tried a VOX Valvetronix which I
> wanted to like but it, again, seemed to be oriented towards lots of
> distortion/headbanging sounds. Oh, I returned a Rocktron Replitone twin
> speaker amp. A very nice amp, I might say. Very loud! Good effects, too.
> lous for my home studio, though.
> The Cyber Twin is an awesome amp, IMHO. It produces very nice-sounding
> models, particularly of Fender models (duh!).
> Anyhow, I was just curious of other folk's experiences from this website.
> Regards, Paul