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Re: Modeling Amps

I really like the Yamaha DG Stomp.
I also have the AG Stomp, which is absolutely stellar
as an acoustic guitar preamp.
I hear the UD Stomp is capable of some seriously
cool modulation effects....I'd like to at least listen to it.
But the DG Stomp is capable of a very wide palette
of sounds....plus has the digital output and expression
pedal input.  This is coming from a real tube junkie --
I also have an old Kitty Hawk Quatro tube preamp
from Germany, an old 50's Ampeg Gemini 6, a Seymour
Duncan AC 30 clone, and an older Fender champ...
so I know tube tone.  The DG Stomp may not nail
tube tone, but it is very expressive and when I
record I have the option of using a plug-in to add
tube warmth...and these have gotten very sweet

Butch wrote:

> Just curious....
> What kinds of modeling amps are folks from this site using (where
> applicable)?
> Regards, Paul