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RE: EDP and a BIG burst of static/hiss

Hi Mark,

I think I may have at least tied you on the defective front.  I played
my EDP for a grand total of 4 times, within a single week.  Then one day
I started it up and got the "ERR" message and that was the end of my
unit.  I sent it to Gibson for repair which subsequently took almost two
months to get back.  Personally, even though I am glad to have my unit
back now and everything seems to be working well, I believe a better
business decision that Gibson could have made for a brand new customer
would have been to send me a replacement immediately.  My other gear has
rarely acted up, especially when it was new, but in the cases when I
experienced something like this, the manufacturer promptly sent me a
brand new unit.  This is just plain good business in my opinion.  I hope
that you have a better experience than I did getting your unit
repaired/replaced in a very prompt manner.  I am not trying to slam the
EDP, but if a company thinks a customer should be at their mercy since
they are the only game in town, then I have a problem.

Steve Ginn

> This thing is *so* going back.  It's defective, for sure.  
> I'm getting 
> the infinite reboot sequence again.  Was working fine, then in the 
> middle of a loop it crapped out.   I guess I won the defective EDP 
> lottery.  Weeeee!  Oh wait, not infinite... in finally did reboot.  
> Sorry little EDP.  You're going back.  I should have followed my 
> instincts and taken it back the day I got it and it did this when I 
> turned it on the first time.
> Mark Sottilaro