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Re: EDP and a BIG burst of static/hiss

My EDP consistently has BIG static upon booting.  I've learned it needs to
warm up for a couple of minutes, and then it's not any longer a problem, it
works fine.

It has been suggested as sounding like bad memory.


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=Mark Sottilaro said:

> Hey.
> More EDP woes for me.  I think I may have gotten a lemon.  Yesterday
> (after reseating the eproms) I booted it up to do some looping.  Upon
> hitting record for the second time to define the loop length, I got a
> big loud static/hiss sound that just sustained until I cleared the
> loop.  Imagine the sound of a radio between stations.  After clearing
> out the loop, it proceeded to work fine the rest of the night.
> Has anyone else had this happen?  I searched the archives and found
> nothing exactly the same.  I've got two gigs coming up where I'd like
> to use the Echoplex, but frankly, I'm nervous about trying to use it
> live as it's been unreliable so far.
> Mark Sottilaro