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Re: EDP midi start/stop commands

this was sent from a few days ago, sorry I didn't get to it sooner:

At 10:19 AM 9/4/2002, Brother Sean wrote:
>Can the EDP send a midi start or stop command when sent a specific note 
>I think this is possible but not sure. I m using Loop IV with my EDP but 
>haven t quite been able to get this to work.

Yes, there are several different ways to do that. Check the LoopIV manual 
under the Synchronization chapter, page 41. You have the sections 
"Commanding a StartSong when Sync=in", "QuantMIDIStartSong" command, and 
"MuteQuantMIDIStartSong" command.


commanding a startsong when sync=in: While in reset with clock coming, 
press the Undo button. This will send a startsong immediately and reset 
EDP's idea of where Beat 1 of the sequencer is to that point. You can also 
"press" the undo button by midi, using the midi command for undo.

QuantMIDIStartSong: midi command is source# + 40, or note 76 from default 
settings. When this command is received a StartSong message is sent at the 
next startpoint of the loop. (as determined by the 8ths/cycle parameter 
the EDP's current understanding of where the downbeat in the midi clock 

MuteQuantMIDIStartSong: midi command is source# + 41, or note 77 from 
default settings. This is just like QuantMIDIStartSong, except the loop is 
muted first. At the startpoint it unmutes and sends the StartSong.

>I use an akai MPC2000xl as my sequencer and it is driving an old roland 
>CR-78 drum machine. My problem is I want my CR-78 to be able to start and 
>stop in the middle of my mpc2000xl sequence. But no one knows how to get 
>the akai to send out midi start and stop commands in the middle of a 
>sequence. When I press start or stop on the akai that works great and 
>sends a midi start or stop command to the CR-78 but in the middle of a 
>sequence I have no control.
>So my plan is to have my midi clock run from my akai -> EDP -> CR78. I 
>send note values all day long from the akai to anything. So if there are 
>note values that will make the EDP send midi start/stop messages that 
>should work cause then it will drive the CR78 rather than the akai. What 
>do you think?
>Any advice/help is much appreciated!

that should be easy with the new sync features in LoopIV.


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