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Re: OT: heat stable guitars?

Just adopt a pawn shop axe no one else wants...
As long as the neck is straight, you can always
shim, file or sand something down to where the
action is decent.  I've got an old Fender 12 string
acoustic that I string up as a 6 string.  The bridge
saddle pealed up one day and after that, kept
popping up taking more wood with it every
time I tried to glue it back down.  So I finally
bolted it on with some small brass machine
screws, washers, and nuts and it hangs out
in all sorts of torturous conditions in the back
of my car under a blanket.

I know there should be a law -- just like leaving
your kids in the car.  Just keep it out of direct
sunlight, especially if it gets wet.

With a little mangling, the neck could double
as a jack handle....