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Re: repeater/mofx synch

Gee, almost a year old, but I was trying to dig through the various 
clock threads.

Does the information below mean that if one stuck a filter in front of the
Mo-FX's MIDI input to strip out MIDI Start clock messages but keep the 
clock messages that you could work around the Repeater clock problems by
syncing once and then letting the Mo-FX stay tempo locked?


on 9/7/01 6:34 PM, M. Steven Ginn at sginn@airmail.net wrote:

> My MO-FX manual says the following about Midi Clock ...
> "Mo-FX can receive MIDI Clock messages.  It will re-synchronize the Tap
> Tempo to the incoming MIDI clock automatically every time it receives a
> MIDI clock start message. ... "
> "To re-synchronize MO-FX to MIDI Clock, press and hold the Tap Tempo
> button for 600ms."
> It also says ...
> "Some devices do not transmit MIDI Clock "start" messages.  It may be
> necessary, in such cases, to manually inform MO-FX to respond to the
> incoming MIDI Clock by pressing and holding the Tap Tempo button for
> 600ms."
> I guess the keys here are to first synchronize these devices to a MIDI
> Clock source and make sure that the source sends MIDI Clock "Start"
> messages.
> Does anyone know if these start messages are something that is sent
> periodically or whenever the tempo changes?  What would be the most
> stable supplier of Midi Clock messages (with "start") in a rig to ensure
> sync stability?
> Steve