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Re: loop deconstruction with Repeater

At 12:11 PM 9/6/2002 -0700, Scott Martin wrote:
>At 04:14 PM 9/6/2002 +0200, Claude Voit wrote:
>>  read it again
>>I think what he does is chop the chord progression and reorder the 
>chunks not
>That's my point.  I can't imagine how you'd pull off
>that sort of manipulation, given the Repeater's
>interface.  Suggestions?


Rainer had written that post in response to one of my queries, so I'd 
previously set the scene (we were talking in fairly specific terms 
regarding the way I might be using the Repeater in my setup).  One of the 
ground rules I'd specified was that I always operate synced up to a 
sequencer & MTC/SMPTE.  Given that sort of setup, one should be able to 
off enough automated control changes (Play; Stop; Shift, Shift; Play; 
Shift; Play) through the computer to grab just about any section of a loop 
in a random access manner.

So could you do that from the front panel?  Depending upon the complexity 
of the sequence, probably not easily if at all.  If you didn't want to 
with a sequencer, you might be able to program some macros into an 
extremely flexible MIDI controller (like the Lake Butler MIDI 
Mitigator).  But we're probably not going to get very viable results from 
manual manipulation of the buttons on the front -- human beings just 
that fast.

Now, of course, the above does need to be taken with a certain amount of 
NaCl, since my Repeater's on layaway and I'm taking much of this from the 
manual.  As well, the original post was Rainer's, so I don't wish to put 
words in his mouth.


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