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RE: headphones

Yeah- but that's because you just use those headphones b/c they have the
letters "dt" in their name.

Seriously tho- have you tried compensating by identifying what you don't
like about the final mix and then keeping that in mind when mixing on
the phones? Like mixing on those awful Yamaha N19s or whatever they are-
once you hear the bass is just right you know you have gone too far and
back it off- a lot of guys use them because they really know them as
they have used them for many decades and as you know back when they were
young they didn't have fancy headphones with their initials on them to
mix on- they had to duct tape speakers to their heads which made their
eardrums rupture in excruciating pain and they LIKED it! And so on...



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>but I agree i would never use
>headphones as a sole monitoring source-
me, niether, but.....
my oldest son uses beyer headphones as his primary monitors, and his
*always* sound waaaay better than mine.....
dt / splattercell