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Re: More odd EDP behavior


I've experienced a similar problem when the 
switches on the EF7 wear out. They are 
"momentary" switches (and merely plastic 
at that). Every once in a while the spring 
(or whatever mechanism in them that fails)
gives in and the switch gets stuck in 
continuous "on" position. 

When one of the switches is stuck like this 
it does just what you describe. Odd and 
unexpected commands are sent from the 
footpedal to the EDP. I just got done replacing 
all of the switches at once on my EF7 because 
it was doing this very thing -- for the second 
time in the 6 or so years that I've owned it. 
It happens.

The good news is that the exact same switch
is available from various electronics suppliers.
I got mine from the Mouser Electronics catalog,
page 553, item #10PA005 for only $.92 each.
The last time one of these failed (a couple of 
years ago) I bought a whole bag of them. Now
I figure I have a lifetime supply. :-)

If, after checking it out, you suspect that this 
is the problem their toll-free phone number is 
1-800-346-6873 and their website is at:

You really only have to replace the faulty switch
when this happens (if you can figure out which 
one it is). But I figured I'd replace all of them
this time . . . just in case. You know how it is.
Replace only one burnt-out headlamp on your car
and you may find the other burning out the very 
next week. Why make two trips to the parts place?

Anywho, because of how the connections are soldered 
together it's almost as easy to replace all of them 
at once as to replace only one. Good luck!

Ted Killian


In a message dated 9/6/02 2:48:33 AM, om@om-studios.com writes:

>Ok, now I'm really starting to wonder what's going on- first I noticed
>repeated Overdub presses caused EDP to enter Parameter mode- now I find
>while stepping on Next Loop in time with the current rhythm I get a loop
>that goes into Mute mode- is it possible for an EF7 to produce these
>results or is it something within the EDP itself? I suspect the pedal
>for some reason as I cannot reproduce the results from the front panel.
>Any ideas?