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SV: More odd EDP behavior

Dammit, I'll get another one of those Behringers! Now I want one for
Repeater and one for EDP. I have had almost the same problems as Cliff
but the EDP with LOOP4 is working so good by midi now. I have heard
something about new Behringer OS proms, so I guess you should check out
the Behringer web site first to be sure not to buy a pedal with the old
system. Right? (please correct me if I'm wrong here)

Best wishes

Per Boysen

> Hi Cliff,
> IŽll give you a tip buddy,
> get rid of the EDPs foot controller and get yourself
> the Behringer 1010.I had the same problems as you and
> i even invested and wasted money in new buttons for
> the EF7 and it still did strange things.Since i got
> the behringer and the new Loop1V my troubles are gone!
> its also quite easy to program and the MIDI
> possibilities are much greater than the EF7.
> good luck
> Louie
> > Ok, now I'm really starting to wonder what's going
> > on- first I noticed
> > repeated Overdub presses caused EDP to enter
> > Parameter mode- now I find
> > while stepping on Next Loop in time with the current
> > rhythm I get a loop
> > that goes into Mute mode- is it possible for an EF7
> > to produce these
> > results or is it something within the EDP itself? I
> > suspect the pedal
> > for some reason as I cannot reproduce the results
> > from the front panel.
> > Any ideas?
> > 
> >  
> > 
> > Cliff