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Re: EDP sync question

I'm not sure if I'm understanding this functionality in Loop4.  Here's my

If I've got a clock coming from a sequencer and I record a 4 measure loop 
it stay synched even if I add a few bars with insert? (with quantize set to
on, of course)  I thought the answer was no, but my head was being 
so much at Andre's talk at Kims, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm totally 

What if I make a new loop of 5 bars, will it still be in synch?  Stay in 
when I go back to my first loop of four bars? (again, with quantize on)  
Can I
toggle between without having to realign?

Kim said:

> upgrade Mark. what are you waiting for? Synchronization features are one 
> the biggest areas of new and improved functionality in LoopIV. (maybe the
> biggest area, in fact...) TempoSelect is just one of them.  If you work
> with midi clock and synchronization at all, LoopIV is sooo much easier to
> use than LoopIII, and so much more powerful.

Well, I guess I'm waiting for the EDP to become a bigger part of my looping
world.  To be honest, aside from experimentation I have not really used it 
lot.  I tried to fool around with it on monday, but the reboot/eprom 
issue foiled my plans, and I didn't feel like trying to deal with it at 
time.  Until I can afford to buy another and run it in stereo, it won't be 
main part of my studio rig, and I haven't been playing live all that much,
though I do have a Noisefest in Sacremento coming up, as well as Matt's 
Object show coming as well.  Combine that with the cost of my Sustainiac 
over double what I had budgeted, and there's my music gear money for a 
while.  I think that when I go for another EDP, I'll end up getting two 
upgrades at that time, but that's still a way off.

Mark Sottilaro

Clifford Novey wrote:

> I don't follow you- what is the goal? Is the last loop of different cycle
> length or something?
> Cliff
> > does it actually change the 8th/cycle parameter to match
> > the tempo automatically after record?
> >
> > it might be cool to allow this after a loop is made without tempo set
> ahead of time.
> > ie  1. make loop of arbitrary length
> >      2. drum machine (or sequencer etc.) kicks in. (tempo defined by 
> length and 8ths/cycle)
> >      3. hit button that assigns the current tempo to the tempo select
> param.
> >      4. make new loop. (synched devices stay in current tempo)