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carvin pu

well yes it is because of the name indeed, but I also know the man is 
quite serious about what he plays.
Duncan pu AH models are totally impossible to find for me or at a 
proposed price of about 3 time the carvin one.
It also appears that AH really plays his Carvin Fatboy with his carvin 
pu. I know the sound of the Duncan models (a friend got one),  and I 
really like it.
I've been propsed to use a "Fed" instead, supposed to have a nice mellow 
sound though with enough bite. But it's connection with Joe Satriani 
made me wonder...
Honestly, I am puzzled that AH went from Bill de Lap to Carvin. I have a 
hard time imagining he prefers the Carvin guitar.
Especially knowing the quite insane stuff de Lap made for him (his 34 
and 36' scale neck for guitar, as an example)..