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Re: EDP sync question

I've found this to be awkward when working with an EDP and a drum
machine.  I wish there was a mode were you could have it define a clock
out and keep it the same until you told it to change.


Mark Sottilaro

Clifford Novey wrote:

> Ignore that- my late night manual comprehension is very poor-
> I realized that this happens when Multiplying and ending with Rec
> (which re-defines the cycle length)- if I end with Multiply it works
> fine (original cycle length retained)- I had no idea I was ending with
> Rec but my late night pedal mashing recollection is very poor.
> Hey I just learned something else- if you go to a new loop with loop
> copy set to time or sound you can end with Multiply and retain the
> original cycle length and keep drum machines at same tempo OR you can
> end in Record which will redefine the loop length- if you use
> SwitchQuant as I am you will end up with an exact sound copy of the
> first loop but the drum machine is now playing at * the tempo it was
> before- cool!
> The point of all this is to get as much loop/rhythm variation and
> freedom as possible while keeping a cohesive rhythm synced to the EDP-
> that is my goal for now anyway.
> Good night.
> Cliff
> www.om-studios.com
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> From: Clifford Novey [mailto:om@om-studios.com]
> Sent:Thursday, September 05, 20022:49 AM
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> (Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com)
> Subject: EDP sync question
> Hello-
> I am experimenting with the EDP sending clock out to a few other
> devices- a D-Two and a drum machine- only thing is if I copy a loop
> but allow the copy in loop 2 to be 2 loop cycles instead of just 1 the
> clock is now * the speed it was in the first loop- is there a way to
> establish a clock output in relation to 1 loop cycle regardless of the
> number of cycles within a loop?
> Cliff
> www.om-studios.com