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Re: OT: Re: Holdsworh Pickups

<PRE>when i had carvin put my AE-185 together i had them put the 
pickups in its bridge position.....i have been very satisfied although i 
seldom use the bridge pickup.....over all, i have been very happy with my 
carvin, many different tones out of a well made great looking guitar and 
light as a feather.....i feel sorry for people who play strats, in fact a 
buddy of mine just had his re-done and left it here for me to try out, i 
logged about 7 mins. on it and had to put it down, i keep telling him that 
would make some great firewood.....now teles on the other hand, i love 
and every one.....but i would never say that "all fenders suck" or "all 
carvins suck" or any all encompasing statement like that, in fact, you can 
send me any guitar of piece of equipment that you have that you think 
thank you very much.....michael