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Re: Carvin pu: a massive thanks

Well, for what I've tried in the last few months, Gibsons and Fenders are
way crappier than any Carvin I've tried. We've got a ES175 that looked just
worse than the Epi clone (and I mean the Chinese Epi, not Epiphone), for
painting issues etc. and did sound worse than the Epiphone relative (It had
microphonic pickups). Fender USA cut the costs of production so much that
the Mexican ones are simply built better (not to talk about the Japanese
ones). The new Eric Clapton model has the same Noiseless single coils that
the Stratocaster Standard had a pair of years ago, same woods and very very
similar construction to the '60 mexican riedition (and still costs like the
one with the lace sensors). I've never seen Carvins so Crappy.

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> Ya Stan- that's a joke- Carvin makes plenty of road worthy gear etc- from
> cheap entry models to very well built higher end equipment- having a 
> like that is prima-donna land IMO.
> Jumping into my mind are all the expensive tube amps I've seen letting
> people down, terribly overpriced PRS/Gibson/Fender instruments- and of
> course I'd be willing to say that Fender and Gibson put out far crappier
> end equipment than Carvin does in the lower range anyway- and at least
> Carvin does not overcharge for the nicer items.
> The Carvin pickups are not so important in general- but no one else make
> Allan Holdsworth designed pickup- that's more than enough for some people
> want to try it out I think.
> Cliff
> Thrower of Flame
> > since we're all oh teein and such-i wanna know why those <carvin p/us>
> > so important?is it the name brand(allan holdswworth) er wot?
> > just that i think <carvin> in general,amps,guitars,pa s,are pretty
> > cheap sounding, cheaply put together...
> > i work w/ a band who has in their rider"no carvin or peavey equipment
> in
> > house" and there is a reason for that specifically.
> > s
> > (flame suit w/mask on!!)
> >