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RE: Roland PK-5 as Echoplex Controller

John Tidwell asked:

What device are you using to program the PK-5? I seem
to recall that you have to go thru an irritating
sequence of steps for programming each pedal on the
pedalboard that involves preparing the pedal to
receive an incoming midi message & then sending the
proper midi command from an external device.
'Tis true--gotta program it one time--I must confess that I am paying great
attention to the tools used by my peers here on the list and so I had the
Oxygen8 handy--but a sequencer or the PMC would also send the pertinent
info.  I didn't find it irritating . . . much more troublesome had it not
received MIDI In . . . It also has the pipe thing goin' on (MIDI smart 
. . .