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Re: CDR longevity

>> i know that some of you all do your
>> own CD-R releases for selling at gigs, etc.

I had been giving out a lot of demos for my projects on CD-R (burned with
Nero and Plextor) and have gotten a couple e-mails that some skipped etc 
who knows if it was the burner or reader that was at fault ... I just send
them a new one. Most people don't even know or care that the packing isn't
totally pro, but I do print up nice labels and inserts.

On a side note, there is one brand of CD labels that has a tendency to get
stuck in car CD players since it's surface is slick ...  Fellowes Quality
Matte finish ... great for print quality, but I stay away from those now.

>> i've heard that there is an issue of longevity
>> with this medium (as opposed to regular CDs)
>> - - errors, decay, etc.

Check these links for some general numbers ...



They are claiming 200+ years ... although I have heard of people who live
near the ocean having CDs fall to pieces after only 10 years.

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> I have seen cheap cdr with deteriorating metal film layer- but only on 
> cheap stuff- I would suggest buying from reputable co - I have good
> experiences with Fuji, Memorex, TDK- but have seen a few bad PNY brand
> I bought heavily for a little while- and nowadays even the decent ones 
> below cheap- 50x80min Memorex $16 before $10 mail in rebateat Best Buy
> week.
> Cliff