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Re: Carvin pu: a massive thanks

since we're all oh teein and such-i wanna know why those <carvin p/us> are
so important?is it the name brand(allan holdswworth) er wot?
just that i think <carvin> in general,amps,guitars,pa s,are pretty cheap,
cheap sounding, cheaply put together...
i work w/ a band who has in their rider"no carvin or peavey equipment use 
house" and there is a reason for that specifically.
(flame suit w/mask on!!)

> but Hobbes the tiger is a philosopher, no?
> I introduced my 6 year old son to Calvin and Hobbes this last year.  I 
> it's a great textbook for child-rearing...
> At 11:59 PM 2002/09/04 +0200, o.malhomme wrote:
>> Paraphrasing (ouch! does it only exist in english?) Hobbes (I mean the 
>> not the philosopher) I would say "you can tell this is a great club 
>when you
>> get all warm and fuzzy inside"