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Re: CDR longevity

> I have this theory:   most people don't listen to an individual CD very
> times...........usually, unless they are in love with it (which is rare)
> most people will only listen to something they own once or twice, maybe a
> half a dozen times.
> What is everyone else's experience with this little theory?

it varies wildly with me - I've got quite a few CDs that I've only listened
to once or twice, but then today I've listened to Claude Voit's CD four
times (I've had it about three days and am already close to double figures,

A lot depends on how much I've bought recently - some great albums have 
lost in the midst of a spending spree before now. Whereas recently I've 
curbing my spending a little, and until this weekend was listening to the
new James Taylor album almost exclusively for ages... :o)

...add to that my recently restored record deck, and the 700 LPs I'm
currently re-exploring, and we're living in happy times... :o)


www.steve-lawson.co.uk (on tour in the UK throughout September with 21st
Century Schizoid Band - dates here)